So I have given this a lot of thought, and I have decided that I’ll have to drop both Fiona and Aurélie. I honestly love this place and especially the people in it, but I don’t have the time – or the inspiration – to write anymore, and it’s very selfish of me to waste two amazing characters. Plus, I have a really important exam at the end of the term, and I can’t manage to study and to write a good reply at the same time. 

If you still wanna talk, message me on here or on Aurélie or just ask me for my personal. I might be lurking whenever I have the time.

Love you guys<3 and good luck with everything.



Fi Fi. Some puddin’ fer yer ‘ungover brother, maybe?

I know that face. What ‘appened now?



Fiona! Long time, no see. Miss me?

Nikolai. Great tha see yer.

How’s everthin’?


'ello there, Launceston.

Nice tha see yer too.

I ‘ate ‘ese long shifts.


I’ll be fine don’t yer worry sweet’eart. hahaha we probably could ter be hoenst. Ayeee hush, I ain’t never been one ter take money from me family, I’m tha’ one who been givin’ it too yer all when yer were just wee young’uns remember? Well I hope yer doin’ somethin’ good with yer money unlike me, don’t waste it all on drugs an’ booze yer?

Good girl. I’ll see you there hahaha yer a funny one Fi-Fi, god love ya.

I know, I know. Yeah, well, I don’t spend it all on booze. Alcohol is always good ta’ ‘ave in tha’ house, ya know.

Fi-Fi. Mkay, sure, love ya too.

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